why we love resistance training – zoe’s story

resistance training is the long term ticket to getting the shape you want and keeping it.

resistance training for fat loss, for women ??? i hear you asking,

watch the video here, zoes story

based on how ive always trained ladies and based on science fact not fiction i know what has the fastest and most long lasting results in fat loss for ladies.

Well rather than start this argument with boring statistics i think zoe’s story will set the scene nicely before we get into the science arguments.

Here is the story of Zoe, she had started exercising 3/4 times a week at a health club where th staple was light weights for toning and lots of cardio. obviously zoe achieved results to a degree , lost some inches and some weight. But as science tells us traditional cardio training results plateau after 6-8 weeks and the results stop coming. As a busy working mum, she didnt have the time to invest 6/7 days a week in 90 minute gym sessions. What she needed was a 30 minute workout that would knock her metabolic rate into overdrive and keep it high inbetween workouts. lightweights and traditional cardio training doesnt do this so she started looking for a better solution.

So she started training at a very different gym with a very different methodology using heavy loads and equipment like the prowler. we know that strongman training like the prowler, farmers walks and rope pulling heavy objects stimulates large increases in growth hormone, which is our most potent fat burning hormone. Her friends had big concerns about her obvious impending manliness that obviously comes with heavy weights.

Zoe was prescribed by me to follow these simple tips

1. keep workouts under 40 minutes

2. use progressively heavier loads

3. combine 3 elements - interval training, strongman training, weight training

4. diet to be as near to paleo as possible –  include some healthy fats previously missing in her diet.

Results were

1. lowest ever bodyweight

2. complete shape change

3. lower bodyfat

4, workout time cut in half.

5. more confidence


so what are the Benefits of resistance training ;

1. increased insulin sensitivity

2. increased metabolic rate

3. increased bone density

4. increased growth hormone and testosterone

5. reduced risk of alzheimers and other age related diseases

6. shorter workout time – benefits from very low volume of work

these are just a few of the benefits of a progressive resistance exercise plan but are just a few of the many benefits.

so for any ladies feeling that working out is too hard to fit in and weights will make you big and bulky zoe will testify that this certainly isnt the case

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